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There are over two million orphans in Uganda and over 50% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 15. Many countries, including Uganda, in Africa have been ravaged and torn apart by AIDS and war leaving millions of innocent children on the streets and without a family. Many of these children find their way to the inner city and join a gang inside a ghetto just to survive. The streets are littered with abandoned and/or orphaned children. Many die from malnutrition and starvation. Others die from diseases such as malaria and typhoid. Their numbers are too great and yet they are an unnumbered population. They have become to their society, disposable. However, there are those who refuse to accept these facts as the only answer. Kids Inspiring Kids plans on “Inspiring Nations One Life at a Time”.


Kids Inspiring Kids is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Corporation in the USA. The Parent Organization is The International Fellowship of Ministries. Kids Inspiring Kids can issue tax deductible receipts for any money or goods received.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Buy a Shirt, Support a Village


Kids Inspiring Kids is building a new sustainable village for 3000 Acholi people that currently reside in the Banda Acholi Quarters. These incredible people have endured so much in their lifetimes, and yet again face adversity as the city of Kampala plans to reclaim their land and demolish their living quarters in the next 1-2 years. This will displace thousands of Acholi families, inevitably resulting in many deaths. 
When you purchase a shirt you not only have the opportunity to support the building of Place of Refuge Village, you also can proudly display the charity you helped support by wearing the shirt you receive. 
#BuyaShirtSupportaVillage on your social media once your shirt is shipped! 

Less than $20 will save thousands of lives.

Click this LINK  or the photo above to see additional details. We are halfway to our goal with 20 days left in the campaign.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Safari Tents...and how YOU can help right NOW!

As we establish a strong foundation and consistent supervision, we want to move a few anchor families out in the next couple of months to provide essential leadership.
The beauty is that these tents can be set up quickly, are easily movable as we build and grow, and allow us to transition these families to the village much sooner than anticipated.
$3,500 will provide one 16' x 24' tent and all interior furnishings for 4 people. Six tents would help us move families out more quickly filling this foundational leadership need.
This is a gift that will keep on giving! As we are able to build permanent housing, we will continue to use the tents for work groups and visiting teams.
Thank you for your help friends!

How to Donate
1. You can use our link on this page to donate through PayPal with your choice of funding. This can be as a one-time donation or a recurring payment. Please be aware that this method does result in a 3% surcharge to our organization. Click: DONATE
2. You can mail a check directly to “Kids Inspiring Kids” at 3601 Fowler Drive, Austin, Texas 78738. Please specify “Village Project” in a note or on the check so that we can appropriately direct your funds.
3. You can provide a check to one of our volunteer fundraisers to be deposited directly into the Kids Inspiring Kids account. Contact Nicole at nicole@kidsinspire.com